Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to enter online or can I drop off my work?
All work must be entered through the Fast Lane Art entry pages using the our new online portal.  If you need assistance, please make an appointment with our staff by calling 610-898-1930.
Work will be reviewed digitally for acceptance and creation of billboards

I messed up – can I fix my entry?
Yes, but at this time it is easiest to reenter rather than try to update your current entry (we are working on a better way!) If you are a professional and need to update a paid entry, please contact Karen at Berks Arts Council – Karen

Will the juror pick winners from different schools?
The juror does not receive any information on entrant names or schools.  Winners will be chosen based solely on the work that appeals to them.   Committee Choice awards are chosen from each school, but the committee will not see the name of the artists.

Why 7″ x  20″?
This is for aspect ratio for the billboard.  Winning artwork will be enlarged directly from your entry to a billboard.

Can I do 14″ x 40″ since it is the same ratio?
Yes – the original artwork can be any size as long as the digital entry fits the 7″ x 20″ format

How do I turn my artwork into an entry?
The best bet is to digitally scan image at a high-resolution.  Be sure to only submit the artwork – crop out any extra white space surrounding it. Do not frame for scanning!

When do we find out if our artwork will be on a billboard?
Winning submissions will be announced at the Unveiling Event!  Click here for more information about the event.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?
E-mail or call 610-898-1930